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From 1947 I&G srl designs and builds a wide range of pasta makers to cater to every need. Our pasta makers can produce both short and long pasta – and also gluten-free.

One of our pasta artisan will help you to start up your workshop with free classes focused on pasta and all kinds of filling. You can also consult us even after finishing your training.

We offer free consultations to open a pasta factory. We will help you to provide your pasta workshop with all the necessary equipment. We also design a 3d render of your workshop.

We install machineries to produce both fresh and dry pasta. Our qualified technicians will help you solve any problems on the spot, on the phone and even via videocall; we care for your needs and we will help you however we can.

From 1947 we cater to your needs

Our past experience combined with today’s machinery building technology are a marker of high quality devices, designed to be safer and long-lasting. We build pasta makers for long, short, dry and gluten-free pasta, ravioli makers with personalized molds, cappelletti, manual and automatic cylinders.
Iometti & Genghini’s pasta makers are a warranty of long-lasting high quality. We also have a wide range of certified second-hand pasta makers.

Satisfied customers

Reliability is your strong suit!
Thanks to your machineries my pasta is always the right amount of rough.
Thank you for making your machineries so easy to clean!
I’ve seen your company, congratulations on your eco-friendliness! The PV panels help the environment.
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