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Cutter for fresh pasta

With our cutters you can produce tagliatelle of various sizes and quadrucci in a very simple way discover our models below.

tagliatelle machine – Quadruccera

Quadruccere per tagliatelle tonnarelli e fettuccine Macchina per pasta - I&G

The quuadruccera is a particular type of fresh pasta cutter that allows you to create squares of various sizes in addition to all the types of noodles that can create a classic fresh pasta cutter.

The machine has been conceived to obtain various types of tagliatelle, fettuccine of various sizes, tonnarelli, pappardelle, etc.
By moving the lever counterclockwise, the adjustment is made for the small, medium and large square.

With this machine you will be able to increase the production of your perfect noodles in the shape and save time for production.

Bench cutter for fresh pasta


The bench cutter is a very suitable machine for cutting pasta from the counter
The machine presented was designed to obtain various types of:

  • noodles
  • fettuccine of various sizes
  • tonnarelli
  • pappardelle

Cutter for fresh pasta

Macchina per pasta Taglierina Automatica - I&G

Suitable for fresh pasta shops
It is designed for easy mold replacement and no type of disassembly tool is required.
The thickness of the dough sheet and the quantity are adjustable by means of micrometric controls.
The dough calibrators are made of stainless steel as the structure of the machine.
The trainers are made of stainless steel and can be of any width

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