Pasta Machinery for rent - contact us for rent machine for pasta

Pasta Equipment for rent

The right solution to buy or try new products for your pasta workshop

You can rent a machine or a mold for some months, in a very simple way:

By giving as a percentage as deposit based on the value of the machine or the mold.
A monthly fee of your choice (100/00 euro minum for each machine)
If you want you can redeem it without additional fees – except for the VAT on the deposit
We’re always available if you need any help or further information.
This kind of rent/sale doesn’t include tools as cappa, lavello, frigo, banconi ecc.
It is only available for machines and their accesories, like molds and wire drawing machines.
I&G SRL builds new pasta machines, sells also second-hand pasta machine with a one year warranty.

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