Ravioli molds - machine for fresh pasta, all the models for ravioli .

Professional ravioli molds

Plastic ravioli molds:

We build shapes for ravioli and tortelli for every type of double-sheet ravioli machine ranging from a size from 80 mm to 1000 mm in width.
With our machines we can design and implement the 3D ravioli design.
They are made with automatic numerically controlled machines, guaranteeing extremely high precision, so doing our machines for fresh pasta reflect high standards of quality and reliability.

If you want to create a customized professional ravioli mold we have the solution for you

We make molds for double sheet ravioli even on your drawing, for example a fish-shaped mold of various sizes and lengths.
ALL THIS after our careful evaluation of your possible mold we draw it in 3d and evaluate.
In doing so we can with absolute certainty whether the form is possible and how much it can weigh and if its conformation cannot give problems in closing with the various types of fillings, meat, fish, cheeses and with fillings you invented.

If you are looking for standard ravioli molds, consult our mold catalog for double sheet ravioli machine.

From n 1 to n 8 are photographs of molds with ravioli original shapes.
You can also see some original shapes of fresh pasta molds.

We also produce a design ravioli in plastic and molds for ravioli in the shape of a flower as you can see in the images below.

A small example of ravioli shape that we can make.

stampo per ravioli a forma di cuore

stampi per ravioli raviolo a forma di cuore

stampo per ravioli a forma di conchiglia

stampi per ravioli raviolo a forma di conchiglia
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