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RS160 bench ravioli machine

This raviolatrice is a machine suitable for shops and pasta workshops, supermarkets, delis, food industry and bakeries. On request, we can provide any kind of mold, even from your design, without additional fees.
With this machine it’s possible to make a large amount of double pastry ravioli and, thanks to a special mold, it’s now possible to make them with a thinner edge. The thickness of the pastry and the amount of filling are adjustable through micrometric controls. No extra tool is required to change the mold. The filling container has a capacity of about 2,8 Kg and it’s made of stainless steel. All the moving parts are mounted on bearings and the various functions are commanded by lubricated gearmotors. Security devices make the use of the machine safe and practical.
Power source is three-phase current at 380 Volts, 50 Hz. Special voltages on request.

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