• pastorizzatore da 5 mt macchina per pasta - I&G

    2 mt pasteurizer

    Pasteurisers, used machinery

    The 2 mt pasteuriser is a pasta machine with an 800 mm tube electric and gas It allows for a long and durable preservation of pasta, thanks to a

  • essiccatoio 7 cassetti macchina per pasta - I&G


    Dryers, used machinery

    This dryer with 7 frames comes with an electric fan and it’s very useful to keep the product fresh, with a light ventilation while keeping the pasta’s shape unchanged.

  • Raviolatrice rs160 da banco Macchina per pasta - I&G

    RS160 bench ravioli machine

    Ravioli Machine, used machinery

    This raviolatrice is a machine suitable for shops and pasta workshops, supermarkets, delis, food industry and bakeries. On request, we can provide any kind of mold, even from your

  • macchina per pasta fresca - pressa per la creazione di tutti i tipi di pasta - IP40 I&G

    IP40 Press

    Fresh pasta pres, used machinery

    IP40 Press IP40 press is entirely made of stainless steel and it’s the basic pasta maker for any workshop or shop that wants to make fresh or dry pasta.

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